For the Cats’ Sake is a non-profit organization dedicated to spaying and neutering stray, feral and domestic cats, and thereby reducing the incidence of unwanted litters in the Piedmont Region of Virginia. We seek to stabilize feral cat colonies and reduce the homeless stray cat population, while also providing cats with healthier and happier lives.

For the Cats Sake operates a Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) program aKittens in a basketnd raises funds to pay for low-cos’t spaying and neutering, along with other required shots and care. We also assist pet owners to transport and fix their pets and provide financial assistance to do so, when necessary.

For the Cats’ Sake helps cats in any other way we are able, including educating the public on the importance of fixing all cats. We continue to join forces with the network of cat lovers in the community to make the Piedmont Region a place where there are no unwanted cats and all cats who live here are treated with compassion, kindness and understanding.